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11/15/13 09:40 AM #13    

Harolyn (Katie) Gish (Deveney) (1963)

To all who worked on putting together the fantastic reunion of combined classes, it was the bestand I had so much fun reconnecting withold friends and new ones as well.Just know how much it was appreciated by all who attended.Kudos!                                                                       Harolyn Gish DeVeney

11/16/13 06:12 AM #14    

Albert (Al) Freese (1964)

had a great time thank you Al freese babalu

11/16/13 10:11 AM #15    

Carolyn Colaw (Norberg) (1963)

Great Reunion!  Many thanks and much appreciation to the group who pulled it off!


11/16/13 06:21 PM #16    

Suzanne (Suzy) Schmutz (Wilson) (1963)

Hard to imagine a month has already gone by, but still harder to imagine five decades!  Thanks to all whose efforts brought so many together – it was truly a great weekend!

11/17/13 10:54 AM #17    

Rick Lindskog (1963)

This is one more accolade for those who organized the reunion....certainly several of you spent some years as professional event organizers!! The opportunity to visit all the folks from that time was rewarding, and I sure hope enough folks found it rewarding enough to continue with picnics and other activities until 55, which happens to be the same as my favorite Chevrolet. Thanks again.....

11/19/13 05:05 PM #18    

Diana Lynn Rau (Supple) (1963)

I also can't believe it has been just over a month since our reunion.  Thanks to all who put this reunion together over the months, weeks, and days preceding the big event.  Your efforts were very impressive, and it was wonderful to see the great response in attendance.  The events were planned so well and things seemed to go very smoothly.  After looking at our class photo, it seems I missed talking with many people; maybe next time!  It was great to connect with those I did see and spend time with.  Thanks, especially, to Shirley, John, and Lynn, and to all those who helped in any way; the picnic was a nice way to wind down the weekend!  Lynn, hope your wife is doing much better. 

Diana (Rau) Supple

11/20/13 10:41 AM #19    

Marilyn Dyer (Rowley) (1963)

Where is the class photo? 


11/20/13 04:00 PM #20    


Lynn Taylor (1963)

Thanks to so many of you who expressed concern for my wife Patsy's welfare following her fall and broken shoulder (arm) on October 12, the day of the Big Event!  She is progressing to full recovery, and says she cannot wait for the 55th Reunion!  Although I missed seeing many of you during the weekend, I was gratified to also see many on Friday and late on Saturday, and enjoyed an uninterrupted 45 minute visit con Sr. Ramon Villarreal y Sandra.  What a kick!  Hang in there y'all, and see you in five.

Lynn Taylor


11/21/13 09:00 AM #21    

Janis Custer (Henry) (1963)

So pleased she is doing well...and headed for a full recovery.  Our old bones do not heal as quickly do they?

Thank you again for all your hard work.....It was much appreciated!!  Janis (Custer) Henry

12/02/13 04:08 PM #22    

Bill Mabus (1963)

Lynn - It seemed like the weekend flew by.  I know we visited for a few seconds, but would like to talk more at the next one, Lord willing.

07/15/14 09:32 AM #23    


Barbara Knecht (Kreutzer) (1964)

Just a quick note to thank everyone for the hard work, putting together the reunion last weekend.

Glad the decision was made to have our own 50th reunion.

The smaller group made it easier to visit, just wish more of our class would have shown up.

Anyway, it was great seeing everyone.

Thanks again.



07/16/14 06:47 PM #24    

R. Patrick Wilson (1964)

Hello SMW committe and friends


So glad to see the class of '64 at least one more time.

It was a really fun evening ..... always goes way too fast. 

Congrats to Sharon Gravino ..... Ms. Twist 2014 !

Thanks to Roger Dickerson for the Friday Night Warm Up .... it was kind of like cheating!

I have been invited to '65 Reunion in Oct. of 15 ..... hope to see some (or all) of you there as well.

Wonderful job by the Reunion Committee ..... thank you for saying yes.  All was perfect !


Peace to you and yours ..... Patrick Wilson

07/17/14 10:54 AM #25    

Bill Mabus (1963)

Glad to hear this summer's event went so well.  What a great committee.  I also cannot wait until the 55th!  The big question is will Ms Twist still be going!!!   I bet so!!

07/22/14 06:05 PM #26    

Anthony Ibarra (1964)

Just to say that we, Gale and I really enjoyed ourselves at the reunion.

Nice to see so many of class mates all are looking great.  Just seems like

the other day that we were all at S-M West High School.  Time goes by to fast.

Received the class picture looks great, only could someone smarter than

me list the names of everyone in the picture.  Again thanks for all the work that

the Reunion committee did. Look forward to the next reunion.

Anthony Ibarra

08/18/14 03:14 PM #27    

Shirley Wehr (Quastler) (1964)

Posted on behalf of Roger Dickerson & Maggie Vestal Owen, 1964 Reunion Co-Chairs


Well-deserved appreciation goes to these 1964 - 50th Reunion committee members.

Shirley (Wehr) Quastler has been a strong leader for 7 years and the driving force for: (1) our reunion picnics, (2) our October SMW ‘all school’ 50th anniversary celebration with the first 3 classes, and (3) the easy-to-use SMW class website.  She is taking well-deserved step back but has continued to serve as an invaluable mentor and advisor to the committee. 

Susan (Pelton) Miller spearheaded the time and resource consuming task of making all the photo nametags for each event.  Also, Susan provided website input, updates and other services. 

Art Miller is a valued long-term member of the committee, offering good ideas, and was our contact with the class of ’63 since he also co-chaired the October 12, 2013 all-school reunion event.

Bonnie (Angerman) Gwinn was the liaison for the Camelot Ballroom venue and headed our decorations yet again, doing a superb job on both events.  She was lucky to have Val (Anderson) Marker assisting with the July event.  She really pitched in too.

Steve Renz, despite knowing that he might not be able to attend, contributed his time, ideas, his home for a meeting - and he donated the bottled water and paper supplies for the July party. 

Cheryl (Dufur) Tyrrell served in the demanding role of our secretary during our lively, talk-filled meetings.  Her notes and comments were very useful as references on decisions and finance.

Charles Laundy didn’t wear a green eyeshade but he did a great job as our Treasurer and was always there with the financial details.  He didn’t hesitate to pitch in wherever he was needed.

Nancy Hagemann put in a lot of legwork by being our contact person with Hayward’s, bringing food samples to a committee meeting, staying in contact with Phil Jay about our music choices, and handling the order for our desert cookies.  Earlier this spring, Nancy and Carol (Noble) Massieon tried out some cupcake options but the production and timing became unmanageable.  Nancy also introduced us to the beer named after our class by the Miller Brewing Co., Miller ’64, which was discovered by Jean Kaye (Jennings) Cook.  

Don Osborne served as co-emcee, organizing and overseeing some of the details of the party such as helping with our music selections.  Don has shown great expertise with the grill and cooking duties at some of our previous picnics.    

05/05/18 01:34 PM #28    

Roger Dickerson (1964)

Two of our SMW friends, Steve Wood ("Woody") '64 and Sheryl Bryan Kelley '65 were seriously injured in a one car auto accident about noon Monday April 30th on I-70 between Topeka & Manhattan as Sheryl was driving them to Denver. They were both wearing seat belts.  In already windy conditions, apparently a gust caused the accident.

Both are now recovering and stable at KU Med Center in Kansas City, Kansas. Sheryl suffered a broken Lumbar 3 vertabrae, is in a neck and back brace and working through lots of pain.  She has been receiving visitors and is now becoming a bit mobile, even having been allowed to go see Steve. She may even be transfered to a Rehab facility in a few days and if she does well, then she'll be moved to her home with on site care.

Woody suffered 3 broken ribs, had a collapsed lung and fractured C2 and L1 vertabrae, but like Sheryl improving daily and as long as the vertabrae continue to heal in alignment, no surgery planned.

Get Well Cards can be sent as follows: Steve Wood, Surgical ICU Room 2657, Univ. of Kansas Med Center, 4000 Cambridge, Kansas City, KS 66160 and Sheryl's to Room 4306.

Woody's visitors are still restricted to two at a time but much encouraged to lift his spirits.  Roger Dickerson  











05/06/18 11:57 AM #29    


Rusty Davis (1964)

I am so sorry to hear about the auto accident.  I hope you two heal quickly and completely.


07/03/18 05:39 PM #30    

Shirley Wehr (Quastler) (1964)

Message from Roger Dickerson:
We lost our good friend Rusty Davis to cancer on June 24th.  His best friend Steve Renz told me about this and that the always optimistic, sincere and enthusiastic wanted this kept very private including the SMW community as well as most of the people he worked with. So, none of us other than Steve Renz knew as Rusty was a warrior believing he would get well.
Since Rusty and I always kidded each other about which of us was the best at sending Happy Birthday greetings to classmates (He was), I thought it was only appropriate that all of us should send him a Happy Birthday tribute for his upcoming July 10th birthday.  His best friend Steve Renz agreed wholeheartedly. 
We were all so blessed to have him in our lives and he leaves us all with a beautiful legacy and inspiration about caring, optimism, sincerity and humor.

07/04/18 08:27 AM #31    

Terry D Oetting (1963)

Happy Birthday Rusty

God’s speed




07/04/18 09:05 AM #32    

Judy M Andersen (Edwards) (1964)

Happy Birthday Rusty !

07/04/18 05:22 PM #33    


Karen Metcalf (Callaghan) (1964)

Happy Birthday, were a blessing to so many.  May your first birthday in heaven be over-the-top joyous!


Karen Metcalf Callaghan


07/05/18 12:36 AM #34    

Deniz Ilgun (1964)

One who places so much importance to friendship does not have the right to disappear.

You will never ,ever, disappear, Rusty, from our hearts...

By the way, happy birthday on the 10th.

Be in comfort wherever you are.


07/05/18 07:49 AM #35    

Shirley Wehr (Quastler) (1964)

From Steve Renz:


Rusty Davis Obituary
Rusty Davis - aka Clifton C. Davis Jr. - passed away June 24, 2018 in Paradise Valley AZ surrounded by loving family after a devastating battle against cancer.  
Rusty was born July 10, 1946 in Kansas City.  He attended Shawnee Mission West High School, maintaining lifelong friendships with classmates.  A proud Jayhawk, Rusty stepped away from the University of Kansas to serve in the Air Force, and was a Vietnam Veteran. Upon return from duty, Rusty finished his degree and styled himself as an entrepreneur, visionary, and salesperson.  On a visit to Arizona, he was encouraged to focus his skills on real estate, and embarked on a 37-year career, distinguishing himself as a perennial top producer at both Russ Lyon Realty and Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty.  He was a notable figure in the industry, taking an active role in Luxury Home Tour as both a Chairman and Board Member.  More than a vocation, real estate was a defining part of Rusty’s life; he collaborated with numerous builders and sold countless lots, homes, and pieces of land.  
Devoted husband and father, friend to many, he is survived by his loving wife of 23 years, Charlene Davis, son and business partner Cliff Davis (Jessica), and son Carson Davis. He is also survived by his brother Randy Davis (Jean), stepdaughter Deena Ebbert, stepson Max Armstrong (Molly), nephews and numerous cousins.  
Passionate about performance cars and driving, he traveled to Germany to drive the Autobahn and Nürburgring, and delighted in being a font of knowledge about automobiles.  Daily, somehow or other, the subject of cars came up.  He adored his wife and was very proud of his sons.  
In lieu of flowers, donations to Hospice of the Valley

07/05/18 10:28 AM #36    

Bob Orr (1963)

Happy Birthday Rusty!

07/05/18 04:15 PM #37    

Roger Dickerson (1964)


Since you were always the best in sending birthday greetings to our SMW friends, we decided it was only appropriate to observe your memory and your 1st birthday in heaven on July 10th. We all wish that it is an observance of total joy and peace.  Maybe you will be able to drive performance cars at high speed in heaven. 

Our thoughts and prayers abound starting with Charlene, your sons and your countless friends and I extend that to other classmates so that we might be strengthened in not having with us. But we celebrate your life and try to find solace in knowing you are in paradise with our Lord.

I remember when we were paired for a project in high school, got to know each other and that we rode around in your white Triumph sports car convertible.  That was the start of a great friendship and it is a lifetime bond which now continues.

Being a valued and fun, enthusiastic, genuine friend is part of the legacy with which you leave all of us and it is an inspiration for many. As far as how to live a life, you did it great.  You based everything on love, caring, family and friendship blended with great achievement in business. Thanks for the wonderful memories and being a part of my life.

Blessings to Charlotte, your sons and others close to you. I'll mark July 10th as Rusty Day.   

Always,  Roger Dickerson






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