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Michael (Mike) Hercules - Class Of 1963

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02/27/13 04:38 PM #1    

Jim Haynes (1963)

Mike was a wonderful friend in high school,  Lost contact with him for many years but renewed our contact with each other shortly before he died.  He is greatly missed. - Jim Haynes

03/14/13 03:34 PM #2    

Art Miller (1963)

Mike was one of the most consistent people in behavior and outlook that I believe I have met.  He and I go back to the Overland Park Grade School and in all the years since I can truly say that Mike "did it his way."  Mike is probably the only person to be arrested in Overland Park for making his own rules concerning trash cans left at the curb.  Terry Oetting and I visited Mike at St. Lukes's three days before he died.  We were impressed with the courage and grace by which he accepted his fate.  Mike died in August of 2007.

03/15/13 03:03 PM #3    

Terry D Oetting (1963)

Mike and I were born on the same day September 26, 1945.   As life long friends, it was a true bond.  I didn't see Mike often over the years when returning to KC but enough to keep up with he and his wife Beverly (Crain) Hercules who was incidentally my first real " girlfriend'.  

As Art mentioned in his memorial, Mike was a person who did things "his way".  I always respected that aspect of his personality because Mike was willing to put up with the consequences  of his actions whether positive or negative.

Some of the great times that we had were visiting his Dad's teen club the " Coke Bar "  on Sunday nights located in Independence or one of the southern KC MO suburbs.  Too much time has passed for me to remember the exact location.  During those Sunday nights we listened to  Roger Calkins and the Silvertones and I had my introduction to rhythm and blues.  

Mike was always scavenging odd jobs here and there.  I agreed one summer to paint a couple of houses with Mike but in retrospect I'm not sure why I decided to do that after working construction during the day.  I guess my point is that MIke could be persuasive in his way indomitable way!  I don't think I painted much that summer  but we always had fun.

Mike always had some kind of  responsibility around the house.   When we were 12 or 13 I recall that  he would begin cooking dinner for the family in the afternoons after school.  At the time that was a pretty big deal from my perspective since my Mom would'nt let me near the kitchen. Mike's folks both worked and I think that was a big help to them.

Mike was always "one of the guys" and he always found room in his car for  me if I need a ride.

 Mike was always always known as " Hercules" rather than Mike, even the SMWest Teacher called him "Hercules" and that's how I remember him as well.


06/02/13 12:41 AM #4    

Rick Lindskog (1963)

Although I didn't graduate from SM West with my cohort, we (Herc, Art, Terry, Freddy, and I) went to Mike's uncle's cabin in the Ozarks following graduation. I have very few clear memories of that weekend, but recall the hilarity of seeing Freddy sitting in that damn boat pretending to steer as Herc zipped down the highway at 60 or 70 mph.  My best friend Arthur Miller reminds me that later that weekend there was an unfortunate incident concerning that boat and a dock. Hopefully the insurance claims have been settled.

Mike was defined by his gregarious personality..he really was a bit of a legend...always knew everyone in the room, and would greet everyone with a slap on the back, a hug, and good cheer. He did everything with a flourish..I was always impressed with his ability to blow huge smoke rings, and worked tirelessly to imitate that.....

Like most of us, Mike could be exasperating at times, but the measure of it all, I think is the loyalty he inspired in those of us who knew him and loved him. He remains 'the Herc', truly one of a kind.

In the summer of 2007' my friend Jerry Barger called to say that Mike was in a bad way, and it would be a good idea to see him soon. I saw Mike in the hospital soon after that. He near the end and in considerable pain, but only wanted to apologize for not coming to visit when I'd been hospitalized two years earlier....I left there saddened bcause I was scheduled to be gone for three weeks and I knew I'd not see him again.

Rest in peace, Hoss, and know you are fondly remembered.

06/02/13 08:59 AM #5    

Kay Moler (Gamble) (1963)

Like Art Miller, I knew Mike at a young age....Overland Park Grade School.  Back in those days, we all walked to and from school.  Carole Minich, also deceased, was in the group of we walkers.  On one occasion, Mike grabbed my cardigan sweater and took off running.  Carole took out after him and when we reached my house, on Marty at the time, Carole caught up with Mike and he gave her a shove and she fell over the hedge backwards.  He could be "naughty", but so much fun and always smiling and laughing. 

I e-mailed Steve Fletcher to see if he and his wife would be attending the SM West 50th reunion.  He replied that they spend most of the time in their Florida home and wasn't sure about coming to it.  I mentioned that whenever I think about the reunion, I am sadly aware that Mike will not be with us.  God Bless



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